Reel type ATV

Reel Type ATV

Shipping reel – for one-way or durable returnable shipping reel - Type ATV

  • Flange Ø from 800 to 3500 mm accordingly DIN 46 395 or customer´s request
  • Suitable for one-way or durable returnable shipping reel
  • Features:
    • Fixing holes for safe loading
    • Lifting holes
    • Cable slot in flange or/and barrel
    • Area name plates of steel
    • Cable entry bow etc.
  • Extremly solid design with high load capacity (According customer´s request)
  • Transportation racks for perfect steadfastness during transportation on demand
  • Possible adaption to especially customized requirements
  • Additonally with rim profil for nailless lagging
  • Smooth inner surfaces for protection of the winding material

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